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The question...
"It says here that we should be on the Internet".

"It doesn’t say".

We all know the TV ad but how many of us could answer that question ‘why’? Why should our business be on the Internet? The ad doesn’t say but the answer is shockingly simple, and it’s one answer that your business cannot afford not to know.

The answer...
In the last few years the Internet, or more precisely, the World Wide Web, has become the fastest growing marketplace of all time. On-line trading runs into billions of dollars each year and the phenomenal growth in web usership, experienced over the last few years, is expected to triple by the turn of the millenium. It is clear that no business can afford not to be trading there.
All kinds of businesses are profiting by their presence on the World Wide Web. Manufacturers, brokers, shops, mail order companies, hotels, agents and a great many more types of business are already there - and benefiting by being there.

So how do you get on it?
It can be very confusing for both large and small businesses. Without some expertise within the firm, what do you do? Without even a computer within the business, what do you do?
That’s where Country Web Services come in. We specialise in taking small businesses through every stage of setting up a company web site. We have the experience, the expertise and the systems to plan and launch business sites, avoiding the pitfalls so common to novices.
Appearances matter. Whether it is the office, the shop front or the web site, customer impressions are influenced by what they see and we take great care to design web sites that give the right impression for the type of business the design is for.

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